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Introduction to MRS Power Semiconductor Testers

There are many rea­sons for power semi­con­duc­tor test­ing. To meet the strin­gent re­quire­ments for avail­abil­ity and re­li­a­bil­ity each com­po­nent has to un­dergo thor­ough test­ing prior to being shipped to the cus­tomer.


Our tester sys­tems have been de­vel­oped to test all rel­e­vant pa­ra­me­ters of power semi­con­duc­tors. Es­pe­cially ZTH, RTH and other high power tests have com­pelled us to com­bine wide source and mea­sur­ing ranges. MRS Elec­tronic also pro­vides equip­ment for high cur­rent FET com­mu­ta­tion test­ing (so-called 'real life stress test').


More­over, the same sys­tems can mea­sure leak­age cur­rents in the nA range even under rough pro­duc­tion con­di­tions due to dig­i­tal con­trols and highly so­phis­ti­cated dig­i­tal sig­nal pro­cess­ing (DSP). Spe­cial mea­sur­ing tech­niques also allow the pre­cise IR/DIR test­ing of in­di­vid­ual de­vices in a fully as­sem­bled rec­ti­fier/in­verter unit.

We have been de­vel­op­ing and man­u­fac­tur­ing power semi­con­duc­tor testers since 1981 with high­est ap­pre­ci­a­tion by cus­tomers world­wide. Based on the vast sys­tem know-how we have been ac­quiring over many years we are mainly sup­plying com­plete sys­tems in­clud­ing ac­ces­sory mod­ules de­pend­ing on the par­tic­u­lar ap­pli­ca­tion; e.g. au­to­matic sta­tions for con­tact­ing, feed­ing, straight­en­ing, cut­ting and sort­ing. Laser or ink jet equip­ment is also avail­able for in­line prod­uct mark­ing.