Vision, Mission and Values of MRS Electronic

Why does a business really need a vision, mission and documented company values? Because it is a key part of company identification, integration and communication. You get a better understanding of what a company really does every day – the so-called corporate purpose. You can prepare and take action for the future and the associated requirements of the customer, market and competitors. We try to illustrate the whole enterprise and the "MRS feeling" to our employees and enable them to individually identify with MRS Electronic. For everyone else, these topics are intended to provide better orientation and classification of the company and its future goals and approaches. We want to give everyone interested in our company the opportunity to get to know and appreciate MRS.


MRS Vision

With our products and customers we are active in very future-oriented and promising markets. The electronics industry is one of the most dynamic and innovative growth sectors in the world. With our know-how in vehicle electronics we want to support you in the development of new technologies and functions using our flexible solutions. Past success factors should continue to play an important role in future.

Through strong growth of the team and sales, we have so far succeeded in convincing the markets and customers that are right for us, in the right place, at the right time, with tailored products, which has also enabled us to successfully develop long-term partnerships. We want to retain our broad customer base, continue expanding it and inspire you with a fair partnership and outstanding solutions. Due to the commitment made to the employees and the strong sense of belonging to the region, the Rottweil location will continue to be the headquarters of the growth-oriented MRS Electronic. We want to continue to be perceived as a down-to-earth, ambitious and future-oriented company by business partners, society and above all our employees.

We want to continue to offer long-term job security, development opportunities and a passion for electronics in our company and for our employees. The sale of our products and services should have an international focus and, with a strong and reliable partner headquartered in Germany, this is to be further developed on a stable basis. In future we want to continue providing our customers with everything from a single source – from design/development to production and support. Dealing with people fairly in partnership is one of the most important virtues that we want to uphold at MRS Electronic.

MRS Mission

As a fair, medium-sized partner, it is our mission to meet customer-specific requirements in a reliable and solution-oriented manner at all times. We develop products for our broad customer base with the courage to break new ground and the skill to create the greatest possible functionality in the tightest installation spaces. Thanks to extensive experience from the most diverse areas of vehicle electronics, we see ourselves as the optimum partner for customer-specific solutions.

A combination of the best possible product dimensions and partnerships on equal terms is the cornerstone of successful cooperation. We supply products such as controllers, gateways, relays and HMI systems to companies from the following industries: automotive, agricultural equipment, construction machinery, commercial vehicles, special vehicles and machinery and automation technology. Our offering to you is topped off with our test systems for power semiconductors, which are developed and produced based on individual customer requirements. Perfectly tailored software and hardware solutions round off the high-quality service package for you.

With our products and services we try to make the world more advanced.

MRS Company Values

MRS Values

MRS Company Policy

The MRS Electronic company policy defines and describes all relevant service areas that can influence the sustainable optimization of the company and its processes.

MRS Electronic assumes responsibility by considering the consequences of its business decisions and actions from an economic, technological, social and ecological point of view and by achieving an appropriate balance of interests.

Within its scope, MRS Electronic voluntarily contributes to the well-being and sustainable development of global society in the locations in which it operates. It is guided by generally accepted ethical values and principles, in particular integrity and righteousness and respect for human dignity.

In order to increase the overall performance of MRS Electronic GmbH & Co. KG in the long term and to be able to optimize the products and processes, the management actively impacts on that the following values ​​and principles are adhered to and adhered to in the long term.

Our management commits itself:

  • To develop, implement and constantly improve the management system (quality, environment and safety at work);
  • Define corporate goals and their assessments;
  • To fulfil requirements and binding obligations;
  • To prevent environmental pollution caused by theirs activities and to protect the environment;
  • To provide needed resources;
  • To comply with particularities with regard to the context of the company relevant obligations;

In order to make the company policy available to external stakeholders, the company policy is published in the following manner:

  • Internet
  • On demand

Internally, the awareness of the company policy is created by means of the following:

  • Entry in the
  • Training
  • Notice

Context of the company

The MRS Electronic GmbH & Co. KG constantly considers the internal and external influencing factors in the context of the company.

The following factors are part of the internal context:

  • Relationships to business partners (with the related contracts)
  • Interested parties
  • Employee
  • Control and regulation system of the company (management)

The external context is defined by MRS Electronic GmbH & Co. KG as follows:

  • Legal regulations and associated changes
  • Relevant markets of the company
  • Competitor of the company
  • Technology status, change, trend
  • Events that may affect the company and its image

In order to keep track of all internal and external factors and to be able to derive the resulting decisions, regular management meetings are held at management level.

Quality Policy

The aim of the quality policy is to fully and unrestrictedly meet the demands and expectations of our customers. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We achieve this by ensuring quality that corresponds to the state of the art in science and technology to a high degree. In addition, we guarantee a high standard of quality through the constant improvement of our products and processes, the great commitment of our employees and their continuous development, as well as the results-oriented action.

The close cooperation, the involvement of our suppliers and the good cooperation with our customers stand for the excellent quality of our company. Optimal employee motivation increases the interest of each individual employee in the success of the company. This is reflected in a very good working atmosphere, in continuous improvements of the company processes and thus contributes significantly to a lived quality management. Our employees are always involved in setting goals and making suggestions for improvement.

The analysis of the results achieved the control and improvement of processes, products and service as well as the determination of customer satisfaction not least enable a high degree of quality.

Environmental Policy

For us, it goes without saying to comply with the legal obligations towards environmental protection and to further improve and expand these. We strive to pass on our environmental program to our partners and all interested parties.

In all divisions and processes of our company, work is carried out in an environmentally friendly and resource-conserving manner.

The avoidance and reduction of waste and hazardous substances is an important part of our work.

Environmental policy focuses primarily on the responsible use of energy and raw materials. By analyzing existing processes, the use of resources has been optimized in terms of environmental protection. New processes focus on the careful use of natural resources and the use of the best available technology.

Our employees are prepared to assume responsibility in the field of environmental protection through training. The personal commitment of the employees is promoted through motivation and information. Environmental protection offers employees not only safety but above all the preservation of their health.

Safety Policy

Occupational safety is of great importance in our company. The primary aim is to take preventive precautions to protect employees and fellow human beings from accidents and risks.

To protect employees, preventive measures are taken to prevent accident risks. These measures range from fire protection and safety regulations at the workplace to first aid by trained employees.

Our employees are informed about dangers. The handling of risks, emergency preparation and compliance with safety regulations are trained. With the help of employees, weak points in occupational safety can be identified and eliminated.

The safety of our employees is just as important to us as the safety of our partners. When designing new workplaces and work processes, we take the latest knowledge into consideration and try to design and constantly improve it in the best possible way.

Personnel Policy

The employees of MRS Electronic make a major contribution to the success of the company and its strong future orientation. Therefore, MRS Electronic commits to pay its employees fairly and sees itself as obliged to see the employees as human individuals and to support the employee in personal matters. Employee retention and development is an important goal of the human resources department and is aimed at to the highest possible extent. The company focuses specifically on the training and further education of its employees.

Motivating, developing and retaining them in the company are one of our most important success factors for the future development of the company. For this purpose, we have created the corresponding personnel tools for employee management and development and are constantly refining them. We offer our employees future-proof jobs with prospects. The possibility of permanent further training is not only relevant for us from a technological point of view.

We attach great importance to the development of the respective personality and promote the talents of our employees individually. The health of the employees is given the highest priority by the management and it is tried to preserve and promote this as good as possible for a company.

Dealing with partners

MRS Electronic and its employees respectfully and politely deal with their business partners of all kinds. Communication is at eye level and no unfounded or subjectively influenced decisions are made. The open and honest cooperation with the business partners is the basis for a long-standing and successful business relationship.