MRS Electronic Agriculture Highlights

Experience the new agricultural highlight of MRS Electronic. Control all equipment activities while sitting comfortably in your cabin. The data collected by ISOBUS allows you to monitor in real time. Using GPS data, you can monitor the status and position of your machines, measure their productivity and see alert information. All data is available on a single display. 

Our solutions, specially designed for the agricultural sector, are perfect for controlling, monitoring and supporting the functionality of your applications in the field. The compact and reliable MRS modules combined with new DT plug variants and the ISOBUS-enabled control allow you, among other things, to use precise and robust control mechanisms.

AEF Membership

The Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF), founded in 2008, is an independent organization made up of international agricultural machinery manufacturers and associations. The aim of our membership is to facilitate the work processes of farmers and agricultural service providers and to make them more economical.The focus is on the introduction of international electronic standards and on the development and implementation of new technologies. AEF certified products are visible in the AEF ISOBUS database.

We have been a member of the international AEF organization since the end of 2019 and develop ISOBUS-capable solutions for use in mobile machinery and attachments. The aim is to make the work processes of farmers and agricultural service providers easier and more economical.

The AEF provides us with the constant support that is necessary to implement guidelines for the application of ISO standards for agricultural electrical and electronic systems.

Your advantages of our AEF membership:

  • AEF-certified MRS products
  • Fast and secure services by manufacturer-wide standards
  • Faster product developments with the AEF Conformance Test Tool
  • Access to even more ISOBUS knowledge and support

Here you find the AEF Site

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New AEF certified CC16WP 2 MB

MRS release the first MRS AEF-certified controller. The new 32-bit CC16WP is now available with a 2 MB flash memory. The controller is ISOBUS-capable and can be used optimally for your applications in agricultural technology. You can implement more extensive and complex programming options for your agricultural applications. Another advantage: You can cache more data without any storage space problems. The control is therefore ISOBUS-capable and optimally applicable for your applications in agricultural technology.

With the AEF certified hardware by MRS Electronic you can now program your ISOBUS functionality on the CC16WP and let your attachment communicate with the TECU (Tractor ECU), UT (Universal Terminal) or other ISOBUS functions. With the 2 CAN-Bus interfaces the ISOBUS communication can be covered on the one hand and on the other hand further ISOBUS-independent components in your implement can be controlled.

Applications in agricultural technology

  • Motor Control
  • Lighting Control
  • Comfort Control e.g. Driver's seat
  • Valve Control
  • Sensor Processing
  • ISOBUS Communication

More information about the new CC16WP


MRS DEUTSCH DT connector versions

See our robust solutions for your demanding agricultural environment with the new MRS DEUTSCH DT connector versions. The connectors by DEUTSCH DT series offer you high reliability and robust quality. Further, advantages the multi-pole contact arrangements and the wide range of possible applications. Use your MRS product with the DEUTSCH connector in extreme temperatures and humidity. Contact us for your MRS products with DEUTSCH connectors.

Your advantages:

  • High reliability and robust quality
  • Suitable for use in extreme agricultural environments
  • Use in extreme temperatures and high humidity
Deutsch Connector

Round Bale Press

Success Story PÖTTINGER

As a specialist in grassland, soil cultivation and sowing technology, the Austrian family-owned company PÖTTINGER contributes to a sustainable increase in effectiveness, efficiency and quality in agricultural production. With the help of our MRS products we facilitate functions in PÖTTINGER loader wagons and provide hydraulic control in mowers and round balers.

Our products in use: 

Use of MRS products:

  • Loading wagon: Control of the fully automatic grinding system "PÖTTINGER AUTOCUT"
  • Loader wagon: Control of the hydraulic cutter bar slewing
  • Mower units: Hydraulic control of the mower units
  • Round baler: Hydraulic control of the tailgate and the wrapping and depositing process


Agricultural technology industry flyer

In our industry flyer about agricultural technology, we have compiled suitable applications in the agricultural sector for you, which you can implement with our MRS products.

Agricultural technology flyer


Trade fairs 2021

We have already marked a date in our calendar – the AGRITECHNICA 2021. Next year you can visit us again from 14th – 20th November 2021 in Hanover. We will then present you even more exciting MRS agricultural highlights in the field of ISOBUS, connectivity and much more.

Agricultural contact form

You would like to receive the exclusive data sheet of the new CC16WP? Request your MRS product with DT Connector variant? Or learn more about our solutions in the agricultural sector? Then contact us now quickly and easily via our agricultural contact form.

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