Agricultural technology is the technology used in agriculture for working farmland and caring for animals. The tools utilized for this can be used in both stationary and mobile situations. This industry also deals with systems for animal husbandry, process technology in the production of various crop plants, and mechanical engineering.

The functionalities of agricultural tools include various processes to control and support the life cycle of plant or animal products. Therefore, in plant production the machines are used for the cultivation of arable land, the planting of seeds, their watering, harvesting, processing and packing. In animal husbandry, the tools are used for tasks including the preparation, dosage and mixing of feeds, as well as for the basic processing of animal products.

As well as manufacturing, the sale and servicing of these agricultural tools are also some of the sub-sectors of this industry. Other topics in agricultural technology relate to the field of energy technology, waste processing and the provision and use of renewable raw materials.Agricultural technology includes a variety of equipment. From agricultural machinery for forestry and arable farming, to equipment such as front loaders or mixing wagons that are used on the farm. Agricultural machinery and vehicles can be roughly divided into four different categories. These include livestock rearing, forestry technology, agricultural vehicles and crop growing. In crop growing, there is also a difference between equipment for soil cultivation and for pasture land.

Agriculture Categories

Agriculture vehicles

Agriculture Vehicles

Our products can be used in a wide variety of applications in agricultural vehicles, ranging from controlling of lighting systems to the control of various attachment tools, such as a front loader.

Soil and seed

Soil and seed

Our modules control the hydraulics of thefolding movements of agricultural machineequipment. They are also used for sowing with integrated seed monitoring to prevent waste and increase efficiency.



Our powerful controllers ensure efficient applications in cutting, harvesting and mowing processes. Areas of application include mowers, round bale or large pack balers and sprayer boom control for field sprayers.

Forestry technology

Forestry Technology

Our products are used to develop control systems and monitoring systems for forestry. Our modern control technology makes it possible to control the tensile force on the drum respective to the number of layers of rope, for example.

Animal Husbandry

Animal Husbandry

From pneumatics in the form of a massage blanket for racehorses to the control systems of feed mixers: In animal husbandry, there are a number of technologies which are suitable for our product use.

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Controls for valve, lighting, mirror, comfort, motor, sensor processing or attachment – our solutions developed specifically for the agricultural sector are ideally suited for monitoring and supporting the functionalities of your application in the field.

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