Automotive encompasses the entire supply industry in the automotive sector. The term includes all activities in this sector that concern the supply of products and services. In automotive production, there are special requirements in terms of quality and the manufacturing process. Supply measures must also be ensured, such as the provision of a stock of replacement parts.

In order to be able to fulfill all these requirements, vehicle manufacturers sometimes use outsourcing. What are known as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) are then responsible for the individual components and deliver these directly to the automobile manufacturer's factory. Here they are fitted to the new vehicles. The OEM manufacturers are not permitted to distribute these products separately, but are generally obliged to sell the components exclusively to the vehicle manufacturer only.

As well the supply of products, the automotive sector also includes the associated services, such as the sale, rental and repair of vehicles. Our company has been certified with the IATF 16949 standard since 2017 and is therefore a qualified manufacturer of OEM products. By auditing our development and work processes, some of our product packages can be used directly, without prior inspection procedures. Our modules also achieve a high degree of quality and reliability. MRS is already represented in several sectors of the automotive industry, such as standard equipment, special equipment, tuning and retrofitting.

Certificate: IATF 16949:2016

IATF 16949:2016

The highest standards, innovation and premium quality across the entire supply chain are crucial to success in the international automotive industry. IATF 16949 is considered the world's leading quality standard in the automotive industry. It combines a range of quality standards for car manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers / OEMs in one certification.

Automotive Categories

Special equipment

Special equipment

Our products are used in the special equipment of vehicles for controlling electric drives. Possible functions include trailer control or comfort functions.


Standard equipment

Standard equipment

Our gateways serve as the central interface for networking all control systems. They enable error-free and safe communication between different bus systems.




With our gateways and relays all retrofits can be realized. For example, various lights and sirens for emergency vehicles or conversions for disabled vehicles.

Tuning Automotive


Our compact controllers can control actuators for conversions and additional buildings during modification. This improves performance and individualizes the vehicle.

Automotive Applications

The following illustration offers you an insight into the extensive and different areas of application that you can control with the help of our MRS products.


Automotive Van