Commercial Vehicle Applications

With their special design and equipment, commercial vehicles are made for a specific use. This is both for the transportation of passengers and freight, as well as for pulling heavy loads such as trailers. They are used in a variety of sectors, however they are primarily used by the authorities and in the commercial sector, as well as in agriculture.

The vehicles that are used by the authorities include, for example, fire trucks and emergency vehicles. Tradesmen and postal workers use commercial vehicles to carry their goods, while in agriculture, they are used to transport food and livestock. Important figures relating to commercial vehicles are the weight, payload and the permitted trailer load. Different vehicles can be roughly categorized based on these factors. If a commercial vehicle has more than 8 seats, or its weight exceeds 3.5 tons, a special driving license is needed in order to drive it.

The possible uses of commercial vehicles are many and varied and include a variety of sectors. The conveyance of passengers and freight are included in the two larger main categories into which commercial vehicles are divided. Further categories include vehicles with add-ons and special vehicles.

Commercial Vehicle Categories

Add-ons commercial vehicle


There is a large range of add-ons and extras available for commercial vehicles. These include, for example, trailers, roll-off dumpers and car transporters. The Micro SPS CAN is already being successfully used to control lighting on trailers, among other things. Our CAN 4 I/O, CAN I/O Waterproof and other CAN control systems can also be used for communication with the basic vehicle for various add-ons.


Passenger transport commercial vehicles

Passenger transport

All commercial vehicles that focus on conveying people fall into the passenger transport category. This includes all types of bus, such as omnibuses, minibuses and articulated buses. The safety of the passengers is of utmost importance in these vehicles. Our Micro SPS CAN contributes to the control of door locking. Different gateways and CAN controls are also suitable for use in vehicles for passenger transport.


Conveyance of freight commercial vehicle

Conveyance of freight

Unlike cars for passenger transport, with vehicles for the conveyance of freight, the focus is on the transport of goods. With trucks, there is differentiation between light (<3.5 tons), medium (3.5-12 tons) and heavy (>12 tons) goods vehicles. Compact vans and panel vans are in the light truck category. Our touch panel enables quick control of different components and is particularly suitable for use in trucks and semi-trailers.