Construction machinery describes both construction machines and construction tools. They can be used in stationary, semi-mobile, or mobile situations and are used to assist with heavy work on construction sites. The traditional areas of application include earthworks, mining and landscaping. Sometimes construction machinery is also used in farming or in raw material extraction. They are powered by either electricity or fuel.

Construction equipment is primarily used for the processing and handling of construction materials such as stones, clay or earth, which are then transported to their destination on construction machines. In general, construction machinery is not only subjected to extreme mechanical vibrations during use, but also a variety of weather conditions. Here at MRS, we offer a broad portfolio of weather-proof, hard-wearing relays, gateways and control systems, which are already in use in numerous types of construction machinery.

Construction machinery can be divided into different areas. This includes a differentiation between the construction machines, such as an excavator, and the construction tools, which include drilling equipment. Cranes form another category. And lastly, many construction machines can also be subdivided into mixing units in which different construction materials are combined.

Construction Categories

Construction vehicles


Pavers, excavators or construction site dumpers – MRS products can be integrated everywhere. Our standard products can be used for soil compacting control, position indication of attachments and seat heating.




Our modules are used in stationary and mobile overhead travelling and slewing cranes, for example for inclined lifts, lighting and sensor reading.

Construction Equipment

Construction Equipment

Our flexible products cover many application ranges in drilling machines, rammers, etc., ranging from measuring the cooling water temperature to controlling fault lights and preventing starting processes when limit values are exceeded.

Plant and equipment

Plant and Equipment

Our robust controllers are particularly suitable for the harsh applications with mixing plants, as they are protected from strong vibrations by the encapsulated electronics. They process measured values from temperature sensors, hall sensors or ultrasonic sensors.

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Controls for valves, wipers, hydraulics, axles or lighting - our compact controllers enable perfect use of yourapplication in the field.

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