Leading manufacturer of fire fighting technology Rosenbauer

Our customer Rosenbauer is the world's leading manufacturer of fire-fighting technology for fire and disaster protection. For over 150 years, the name has stood for important inventions and pioneering techniques in the construction of fire engines and fire extinguishers of all kinds.

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The vehicle PANTHER

Rosenbauer PANTHER


The PANTHER is one of the most successful, efficient and variable air crash tenders in the world. Its powerful performance and award-winning design make it the most modern fire engine of our time. The PANTHER is available in the versions 8x8, 6x6 S, 6x6 and 4x4.

The 8x8 model ranks in the top class of airport fire-fighting vehicles with up to 1,450 hp and a top speed of 135 km/h. With an extinguishing agent volume of up to 19,000 litres, the PANTHER 8x8 sets standards in terms of engine power and extinguishing force. In addition, 10,000 l/min pump performance or acceleration - from 0 to 80 km/h in less than 25 seconds - speak for the model's top class.

Our applications for Rosenbauer

Löschmittel Anzeige

Extinguishing Agent

A CAN message tells our control system what percentage of the tank is full. This message is converted and displayed in predefined bar units in the form of an LED display in the vehicle.

Fahrzeug Schnellstart

Vehicle Quick Start

Before the driver enters the vehicle, a button on the outside of the vehicle can be used to wake up the entire vehicle with all controls and start the engine. This saves valuable seconds in an emergency.

Auswertung RLS

Evaluation RLS

The rain/light sensor tells the vehicle whether it is raining and there is water on the windscreen. Our control evaluates this information. The windscreen wiper of the PANTHER is automatically activated in wet conditions.