Specialty Applications

Vehicles that are not used to transport goods or passengers are known as specialty vehicles. They often only have limited uses and fulfill a special task. To do this, the vehicles are individually adapted with complex alterations and additional equipment, which are often complex. The possible applications of specialty vehicles are many and varied. They can be used as cleaning vehicles, such as road sweepers in urban areas.

They are also used to save lives in the form of ambulances and fire trucks. Recovery trucks and tow trucks are also classed as specialty vehicles. An extra permit is required to keep this kind of vehicle. Specialty vehicles also have a special license plate to enable them to be distinguished from normal vehicles.

As a result of the individual adaptation of their features, specialty vehicles can be found in many sectors. They can be split into 6 different classes. These include municipal vehicles, which are mainly used in the urban sector. Emergency vehicles are another class, which support first responders in disaster situations. Other categories are private vehicles, forestry vehicles, construction vehicles and media vehicles

Specialty Categories

Municipal vehicles special vehicles

Municipal Vehicles

Special vehicles are often used for the cleaning and maintenance of communities and towns. Typical examples would be street cleaners, garbage trucks, salt trucks and snow plows, which are responsible for keeping the roads clear in winter. There are numerous possibilities for using our modules on municipal vehicles. MRS components can be used for a variety of purposes, from the control of lighting, to mirror controls and control mechanisms for engine ventilation.

Private vehicles special vehicles

Private Vehicles

Special vehicles in the private sector also benefit from our modules. Thanks to the CAN I/O, the various hydraulic features of funeral vehicles can be controlled easily. Further areas of application include recovery trucks and taxis.

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Emergency Vehicles

This category includes all vehicles that support emergency responders in saving human lives. Police cars, ambulances, fire trucks and even mobile doctor's practices serve as fast modes of transport for goods and people in emergency situations. For this type of special vehicle there is a special focus on the use of precise, reliable modules, which we can guarantee with our IATF 16946 certification. Our 30 A motor controller is already being used successfully in various fire trucks for the control of hose reels.

Forestry vehicle sepcial vehicles

Forestry Vehicle

Various special vehicles are also used in forestry, mainly for clearing and transporting wood. The various CAN controllers such as the M2600 ECO and the 10 A CAN motor controller are particularly suitable for the control of mobile cranes and mountain harvesters.

Media vehicles special vehicles

Media Vehicles

Vehicles in this category are used for transmitting or receiving digital or analog signals. They have various measuring devices and receiving technologies such as satellite systems. The M3600 CAN SPS is used in mobile transmitter masts for the fire service.