Applics Studio – modern programming tool for connected controllers of the new generation (32-bit)

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Applics Studio
Applics Studio

Our new software MRS Applics Studio is the successor product of MRS Developers Studio and focuses on your application with simple and intuitive programming. The combination of electronic control and user-friendly software allows individual applications that can be programmed and implemented.

The software essentially consists of 2 components: The Applics Studio as a project interface and graphical programming interface for creating and constructing logical circuits with predefined function blocks. The software can still be programmed in C code.

The graphical programming interface was developed from scratch and independently by MRS Electronic. It offers the main functions of MRS Developers Studio as well as improvements and many new features such as independent shortened update cycles.

The Applics Studio serves as a new development platform for our new product generation (32-bit). This allows you to program and use our control systems fast and easy. With the new software tool, we provide all our customers an appropriate tool - for beginners and experts.

New features

  • Improved, clearer, more intuitive design
  • Independent, self-developed graphical programming environment
  • Drop-down menu for inputs and outputs
  • Graphical blocks can be individually created in C code
  • Graphical libraries can be created and exported
  • Easier to integrate into external programs such as IDEs - New User API
  • New user API
  • Documentation/manual constantly updated, html-based available online

Note: Currently, you can only use it to program our new 32-bit controller CAN I/O  – CC16WP.

Here you can find all information about the Applics Studio.