Solid State Relay SSR

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Halbleiterrelais SSR
Solid State Relay SSR
Halbleiterrelais SSR
Solid State Relay SSR Features

MRS Electronic Expands Solid State Relays Assortment

With the new Solid State Relay SSR, MRS Electronic now has a 5-pin solid state relay in its product range. The Solid State Relay SSR has a high capacitive and inductive peak current capacity and is perfectly suited for switching ohmic and inductive loads.

The special feature of the compactly dimensioned relay is in the detail. Since, in contrast to mechanically operating relays, it does not require any moving parts, it is maintenance- and wear-free to an unlimited extent. This makes the electronic relay perfect for use at constantly high loads.

By extending the base plate with a fifth pin, a useful diagnostic capability has also been added. Using the additional pin, a voltage proportional to the current can easily be read out with the aid of another controller and possible sources of error can thus be diagnosed.

The Solid State Relay SSR is particularly convincing due to its long service life, short response times and high switching speeds.

Due to the short-circuit resistance, overload protection and overtemperature protection, the relay is ideally suited for a wide range of applications with numerous switching operations. Possible applications could be, for example, the use in heating elements, light, drives, motors, valves, etc.

The solid state relay is available in three different versions (5 A, 15 A or 25 A) and can be ordered with positive or negative control.

Further product information and ordering options for the new SSR are now available at the product site: