Base plates

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The practical MRS base plate for flat receptacles is equipped with high quality pins consisting of copper-tin. Due to the versatile designs, the base plate (plastic designation A70 GF30) is particularly flexible. Depending on your requirements, select your suitable base plate with variable number and arrangement of the pins (3-pole to 9-pole).

The wide range of base plate covers your needs perfectly for individual applications.

Name Type Order no.
Base plate 3-pin GP3/J 1.​017.​062.​00
Base plate 4-pin GP4/U 1.​017.​065.​00
Base plate 5-pin GP5/E 1.​017.​061.​00
Base plate 6-pin GP6/Y 1.​017.​066.​00
Base plate 7-pin GP7/S 1.​017.​063.​00
Base plate 8-pin GP8/AE 1.​017.​060.​00
Base plate 9-pin GP9/T 1.​017.​064.​00