Pulse Relay M3 24 V

1.002.29x.xxE (choose order option)

Pulse relay M3 are used when consumers are to be switched on or off for a defined time. Please specify the desired impulse time when ordering.

Weight 34 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 40 mm
Housing material Plastics
Type-approval number E1 - ECE R10
Type-approval 05 7282
Number of pins 5
Operating voltage 24 V
Number of pins 5
Relay outputs 1
Processor family Texas Instruments MSP 430
Processor 16 bit
Temperature range -40 to 85 °C
Protection class IP 53
Operating voltage 24 V
Current consumption 250 µA
Max. output current (87, 87a) 30 A
Quiescent current (24V) 1 mA
Pulse duration By customer request
Programming system MRS Realizer
Name Type Model Connection diagram Order no.
Pulse Relay M3 24 V A Individual pulse time (see below) S1 1.​002.​291.​xxE
Pulse Relay M3 24 V B Individual pulse time (see below) S2 1.​002.​292.​xxE
Pulse Relay M3 24 V C Individual pulse time (see below) S3 1.​002.​293.​xxE
Required accessoriesArticle number
Software programming tool MRS Realizer 1.​100.​000.​01
Socket ST FL 9-pin 5 x 6.3 / 4 x 2.8 1.​017.​002.​00
Socket package watertight 40 mm 114265
Tab receptacle for latching 2,8 mm 0,5 – 1,0 mm² 105292
Tab receptacle for latching 6,3 mm 1,0 mm² 102355
Tab receptacle for latching 6,3 mm 1,5 – 2,5 mm² 103064

What are the switching thresholds for a logical "1" or a logical "0" at the trigger input (for example, KL15)?

For the 12 V and 24 V relays the switching thresholds are as follows:
Switch-on threshold => 6 V
Switch-off threshold = <3.5 V

How fast is the switching time at the output from a trigger input?

The internal switching time is 50 ms