Standard Relay 12 V

1.015.1xx.00E (choose order option)

More detailed information can be found on the website and the data sheets of the respective manufacturers.

Housing material Plastics
Number of pins 5
Operating voltage 12 V
Hous­ing di­men­sions CB1 22x26x25 mm
Hous­ing di­men­sions V23134 26 x 26 x 25 mm
Number of pins 5
Temperature range -40 to 85 °C
Protection class IP53
Operating voltage 12 V
Name Type Model Connection diagram Order no.
Relay ST S CB1A-M-12 V 40 A A Nor­mally open con­tact with mount­ing bracket S1 1.​015.​107.​00E
Relay ST W CB1-12 V 40/30 A B Two-way con­tact S4 1.​015.​100.​00E
Relay ST W CB1-R-12 V 40/30 A B Two-way con­tact with re­sis­tor S5 1.​015.​102.​00E
Relay W HFV4/012-1Z1S­GD2 B Two-way con­tact with diode S6 1.015H.104.00E
Relay W HFV4/012-1Z4S­GD2 B Two-way con­tact with diode and mount­ing bracket S6 1.015H.110.00E
Required accessoriesArticle number
Socket ST FL 9-pin 5 x 6.3 / 4 x 2.8 1.​017.​002.​00
Tab receptacle for latching 6,3 mm 1,0 mm² 102355
Tab receptacle for latching 6,3 mm 1,5 – 2,5 mm² 103064

Manual Connected Controller

Here you can find the download to the manual of connected controller. Please read the manual before using the product the first time.