Individual Development

Product solutions developed individually for you

Founded in early 2016, our project management mainly takes care of you in the field of customer-specific development and the development of customer-specific catalogue products.

In these projects, our trained staff acts as an internal coordinator between the various MRS internal departments and contact persons at the customer, plans and works professionally together with the development according to the agreed milestones.

In both development processes, top-down work is done. Based on an overall system, which is described in the specifications of our customers, the interfaces and interactions with other systems as well as (in case of functional safety-relevant developments) safety targets are defined. In our company the development of customer-specific products includes the complete process, from prototype to large-series.

On the basis of this definition a concept (specification) is drawn up, which is coordinated with our customer in terms of content. In this phase, supportive methods such as D-FMEA, FMEDA (only FuSi - ASIL B), risk analysis ( ASIL A) and tools such as APIs and polarion are used.

Generic V-Modell Individuelle Entwicklung

Following the completion of the concept phase, the next phase of development will be launched: the practical implementation phase. At this point, the development of the circuit diagram, the layout of the PCB, the construction for mechanical components, or even the programming in the software begins. Here, too, there are rules and proven methods of craftsmanship: orientation to best practices, compliance with coding guidelines, structured documentation as well as regular dedicated reviews and code analyses are part of our work. If a successful start-up is required, the delivery of the respective sample stand including the sample accompanying folder to the customer, which allows to validate the documented and verified sample stands, is carried out (if agreed).


Project Management

IATF Process

The requirement for the subsequent qualification phase is the release of the customer for the obtained sample stand and the agreed DVP. Of course, the cost-benefit of the various test sizes is determined in close coordination and consulted according to the type of test, external laboratories and authorities. In this phase, other commercial topics such as packaging & shipping, but production preparatory topics such as pilot series, ICT, are agreed – and will also take place after the ECE-R10 test of the "design freeze".

The final preparation of the series production starts with the "Design freeze": a handover from the development to production takes place. The qualification of the handover takes place upon agreement by a pilot series, its evaluation and the initial samples. Although the sovereignty remains with the development department, the documentation on the part of the development is presented to the QM Department formally at this point. A so-called "SOP Freeze" takes place.

Furthermore, depending on the agreed effort, a requalification takes place on a regular basis, which may be carried out by the Product validation Department (samples) of manufactured assemblies.

The use of state-of-the-art tools such as the APIs as already mentioned, as well as other software solutions that accompany development, allows us to respond flexibly to the wishes of our customers.

Finally, in addition to keeping the agreed milestones and controlling the budgeted costs, a successful project also includes the learning effect and the interpersonal. For this purpose, a "lessons learned" meeting takes place, which enables us to earliest important insights into current developments, but also to work together in a long-term partnership with our valued Customers and development partners.