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Power Semiconductor Testers

MRS Electronic offers a variety of different test systems. The services include the individual development as well as the commissioning of the finished plants at the customer's, and worldwide. In the tester segment, MRS offers, among others, the following test methods:

  • Parametric test systems for single power diodes
  • Parametric test systems for halfbridges / rectifiers (Power-diodes)
  • Parametric test systems for FET-modules
  • Dynamic test systems for FET-modules
  • Parametric test systems for IGBT-modules (insulated-gate bipolar transistor)
  • Dynamic test systems for IGBT-modules
  • High current cycling test systems
  • ZTH-Tester
  • LAB-Test systems
  • HTRB-Test systems
  • HTOL-Tester
  • Thermo Cycling-Tester
Power Semiconductor Testers

Customer specific test systems

Because all modules of MRS-Test systems are modular MRS can build customized systems

Since years MRS works together with mechanical suppliers for building customer specific handling and contacting systems

  • For low volume
  • For high volume lines
  • With mechanical marking
  • With laser marking
  • With inkjet marking

The individual methods in detail:

Test-Systems for single power diodes

Measure all diode-parameters including Power

  • Vz temp. compensated
  • IR / DIR temp. compensated
  • Vf (mA)
  • Vf (Power)
  • dVf (ZHT)

Handling system

  • Bunker
  • Feeder
  • Headwire straightener station
  • Cutting station
  • Measuring of cutting length
  • Measuring station
  • Marking station
  • Good / waste sorting

Test systems for halfbridges / rectifiers

Measure all parameters of the Power-diodes in a halfbridge/rectifier

  • Vz temp. compensated
  • IR / DIR (with leakage current compensation)
  • Vf (mA)
  • Chipfactor
  • dVf (Loading)

Handling system - Full automatic station or manual draw-stations

  • With exchangeable adapter-system
  • marking
  • Good/waste differentiation
  • Waste Box with Sensor

Test systems for FET-Modules

Measure all parameters of the FET’s on the module (up to 900A)

  • VSD diode
  • IDSS (forward/reverse) with leakage current compensation
  • DIDSS (forward/reverse) with leakage current compensation
  • ZTH, ZTH loop
  • C-Capacitor
  • R-Resistor
  • R-Shunt

Integrated Avalanche-tests (Avalanche test with VBAT max. 90VDC)

Full integration in an full automatic handling system

Parameter test systems for IGBT-Modules

Measure all parameters of the IGBT’s on the module (up to 900A)

  • VSD diode
  • ICES (forward/reverse) with leakage current compensation
  • DICES (forward/reverse) with leakage current compensation
  • ZTH, ZTH loop
  • C-Capacitor
  • R-Resistor
  • R-Shunt

Full integration in an full automatic handling system

Dynamic test systems for IGBT/IGBT-Modules


Depending on the quality standards during the production of different IGBT and MOSFET module types a RBSOA and  SCSOA test is performed. The range of systems last from stand-alone laboratory systems with manual feeding to valuate DUTs during the developing process to full automated shift operation production lines. For RBSOA and SCSOA tests it is essential that the DUT undergoes a real stress test during switching and not just turning on and off the DUT.

To reach a real stress test several criteria must be fulfilled like

  • A very low stray induction of the complete system otherwise it will be just switching without real stressing during switching
  • Accurate data logging with the highest possible resolution for analyzing the measuring results like
  •   du / dt value
  •   di / dt value
  •   switching times
  •   clamping voltage
  •   peak voltages
  •   collector current
  •   gate voltage
  • Complete traceability of each DUT for later analysis saving the measuring data in databases with upload to the company network if necessary.
  • Example contact unit 600 V / 2000 A RBSOA & 600 V / 8000 A SCSOA with short circuit detection option
  • In a full-automated shift operation production line


  • Measuring equipment adapted for each product to get the highest possible resolution
  • Customized DC Link for each DUT to minimize ESL
  • Individual Gatedrive stage
  • Contact check unit to ensure the DUT is connected proper before applying high voltage
  • Signal Multiplexer for DUTs in half bridge configuration to save money and space instead of using a second oscilloscope
  • Short circuit detection option to prevent uncontrolled discharging of the DC Link into the system during a DUT failure preventing welding the DUT to needles and unnecessary maintenance work at a contact unit.

High Current cycling test systems

Current Cycling tests up to 300 A

  • Parameter-tests are possible
  • DVf-measurement
  • Test-time up to 1000 hour
  • Chiller for water-cooling
  • 10 heatsinks (water-cooled) for 10 Halfbridge-DUT’s
  • 10 Type-K temperature measuring points

The DUT’s are mounted on water-cooled heatsinks. The DUT is powered with high current pulses up to a specified temperature. Is this temperature reached, the switchfield select the next DUT and heat it up. After one cycle the temperature of the first DUT is measured and if the temperature is still too high, the DUT will be skipped. The Chiller and the heatsinks are chosen that after one cycle the first part is nearly back on his start-temperature and can be remeasured.

Thermal Cycling Diode tester

For a continuous quality control during the production of different electronic semiconductors thermal cycling tests are performed.

During this test electronic semiconductors are heated up due current pulses with a given frequency. In this example 16 rectifier diodes are pulsed with a current up to 200 A at the same time.

The forward voltage is measured continuously until the voltage drops below a given value which stands for the temperature inside the rectifier diode. Afterwards the rectifier diode is cooled down to a given forward voltage start value and repeats the test. This long time tests are running more than 500hours which makes a very stable system essential.

In this example there are 16 unique test positions which can run independent.


  • Individual voltage and current classification depending on the customers specification
  • cycle patterns are programmable by the customer
  • contact units are designed individual for each product to test

Machinery Directive

All test systems comply with the CE standard and are built under specification of Machinery Directive 2006 / 42 / EG


  • DIN-EN 60204
  • DIN EN ISO 12100
  • DIN EN ISO 13849
CE marking
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